Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oval Office alums win big!

We are proud to report that four of WAPPP's Oval Office alumnae won their elections last night: Lori Ehrlich (Oval '05) was re-elected to the MA Legislature, Stefani Carter (Oval '05) also was re-elected to the Texas Legislature, and Marjorie Decker (Oval '06) won her first MA State Rep race. To their ranks, they welcome Michelle Fay who won her election to the Vermont State House.

Congratulations to all!!

Lori Ehrlich 

D-Massachusetts State Representative (Eighth Essex District)
MPA '05 and Oval Office '05




Stefani Carter

R-Texas House District 102
MPP/JD '05 and Oval Office '05

Republican incumbent Stefani Carter won a second term after taking a large lead over Rich Hancock during early voting. Carter, who was often at Richardson City Hall during early voting, credited her Democratic opponent for running a good campaign.

Marjorie Decker 

D-MA State Representative (25th Middlesex District)
MPA '06 and Oval Office '06

In the state representative races, Democrats dominated the ticket. New comers David Rogers and Cambridge City Councilor Marjorie Decker joined the Cambridge caucus in the State House.

Michelle Fay

D-VT House of Representatives (St. Johnsbury)
MPA '11 and Oval Office '11

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